The role of Thy-Mors Energi is as DSO one of the potential customers of the Net2DG solution. They will interact in the project in respect to case study and requirement specification and will also be involved when field test is being executed as they bear the final responsibility towards their end customers.  

StwLan provides one of the field test scenario for the deployment and evaluation of the Net2DG observability and control applications regarding the voltage quality use-case. StwLan will therefore contribute WP1, WP4 and WP5. 

Fronius will provide a non-DSO data source, namely data measured and logged by distributed generation units (PV with/without battery storage).  DSO-relevant data source will be specified (covering aspects of secure server-to-server communication), tested and implemented according to the corresponding project use cases.  

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of energy and water metering solutions. Kamstrup will take WP lead of WP1 and it will bring it its Smart Meter Systems expertise for all the technical work-packages. Further-more, Kamstrup will work closely with the field-test implementation at Thy-Mors Energi. 

ResilTech will contribute its experience in dependability engineering and in the analysis of dependability attributes. More specifically, in addition to usual parti- cipation to management, disse-mination and exploitation activities, the partner will contribute to the activities of WP1, WP3, WP5 and WP6. 

TU Wien (TUW) has been conducting research in the field of distribution system technologies for long time. TUW will be in charge of the development of the Net2DG business models, cost benefit analysis as well as to disseminate the Net2DG results to the relevant stakeholders. 

GridData was established on June  2016 with the mission to offer ICT- and data analysis services to electricity Distribution System Operators. Hans-Peter Schwefel as Managing Director of GridData has been selected for the role of Technical Manager by the Net2DG project consortium.   

Aalborg University contributes with several departments to the Net2DG project. The Net2DG consortium has selected Prof. Jakob Stoustrup for the role of project Coordinator. Aalborg University has extensive experience in managing international and national R&D projects. 

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