D6.9: A Cost-Benefit-Analysis quantifies the Net2DG project. D6.8 introduces currently used concepts. 

D6.2: Read about Net2DG’s dissemination and communication in D6.2. 

D2.1: Two types of grid models and five observability applications have been designed and are currently being implemented in Net2DG. Read more about these in D2.1. 

D1.2 & D3.1: Central entity in the architecture of the Net2DG solution is the ICT Gateway which connects to the different subsystems that provide data and actuation possibilities for the distribution grid. For a high-level view on this gateway architecture, see D1.2 and for more details on components and interfaces, see D3.1. 

Net2DG fault management and operation efficiency use-cases were part of the keynote presentation 'Evolution of Electricity Distribution Grids into Cyber-Physical Systems - A Dependability Perspective' at  the 37th IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS) October 3, 2018, see http://www.lasid.ufba.br/srds2018/view/keynotes.php 

Net2DG use-cases and solution approaches have been presented and discussed intensively at the Workshop 'Challenges and Solutions in Future Distribution Grids' at the IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Tecnologies or Smart Grids (IEEE SmartGridCom), October 29,2018, see http://sgc2018.ieee-smartgridcomm.org/challenges-and-solutions-future-distribution-grids 

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Project deliverables 

D1.1: Twelve use-cases were defined and analyzed in Net2DG. They represent the needs of DSO consortium partners and the feedback from the eleven DSO reference group members. Read more in D1.1.